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Do you work for mackie ? Ok, lets do the maths... £951.98 + £629.52 for 16 channels... ok I want 24 channels now so + £629.52 x 2 = £2842 in total ! ...are you friggin serious ! just so I can move 24 DAW faders and access a couple of basic functions like play... record... rewind etc Mackie wants £2842 out of me ! Its an utter joke ! You can get a digital mixing desk for that price as you rightly pointed out !

And don't get me started on the SSL Matrix tutt for £14,375.00 I get a motorised DAW controller with no onboard Pre's and no onboard compressor... I just want a DAW Controller with 24 quality faders... one unit ! ...I haven't asked for the world !

All the above options start at £3000 to £7000 ...for a good quality DAW controller... just a good quality DAW controller !

Yeah I'm mad... cos I know Mackie, Tascam, Euphonix and even Behringer can do it... make a one unit - BAM ! 24 channels - BAM ! Digital and Scribble strips - BAM ! A DAW controller for all to enjoy and do it cheap, BAM, BAM, BAM !!! ...but they won't !!! Not till 2012 or there after ! WHYYYYY ! I want one NOWWWWW ! (I'm about to throw my toys out the playpen)

Rant over !
I bet you live at home with your parents. Anyone who has a serious home studio and wants Penny and Giles faders and some quality built into it, will have to spend some money for decent controllers. That is just the way it is. If you don't care about moving faders, buy a Behringer.