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If I want to use a DAW controller I need one with scribble strips. The Mackie controller pro works great; it offers you control on the faders, pan, solo, mute, transport, jog wheel, and allows you to customized over 16 commands with your DAW. I added a extender and I have 16 faders to work with. I have no complaints here for my project home studio. It does everything I need it to do. If you have a pro studio, you would probably want to go up to the SSL Matrix. But for home studios the Mackie is excellent. Another option is to use a digital mixer like the Tascam DM 3200 or Yamaha DM 1000 or 02R96. If you want something cheaper than the Mackie with scribble strips and quality' it won't be there. I never liked the Tascam controller with it's 24 faders. They felt very cheap and again it lacked the scribble strips. I don't want to guess what fader I am touching so the led scribble so on top is very important. tutt