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Old 23rd September 2009
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The DAW controller market ....I spit on it ! I spit on it !

Why oh, Why oh, Why oh, Whyyyy !
Is it too much to ask for a quality reasonably priced DAW Controller ? Is it ? Is it too much to ask for 16 to 24 touch-sensitive motorized faders ? Is it ?
Is it too much to ask for an ergonomic design and simple functionality ? Is it ?
Or has ITB mixing not reached the point where we deserve 16 to 24 faders ? All we have available to the ITB market is the Mackie Control Pro, and the the Euphonix MC ( both only have 8 faders ) and you pay out the a** for any more faders ! And I don't need built in crappy converters either, just a good quality DAW CONTROLLER. Am I the only person that is frustrated with this market, knowing full well they can develope a 24 channel or more desk at a reasonable price ( Tascam US 2400 ) but due to commercial gain they are probably holding this off till 2012 !!!

...damn this thread belongs in the moan zone !

...I'm about to make my own controller if I have to wait any longer !!!