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Old 27th April 2003
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I've been hiding away from this forum, a bit scared i came across as a knob (I DID LOOK LIKE A WINNER...not).

Yes I was a cock head, but even though I swigged some beer never means what I say is plop. (i think it was kinda on this outing)

If it works for the ear, or it's crazy but cool do it....YA...OLLLL'

At this moment Fletch says absolutley!!

I don't dis anyones knowledge, but is there not a case to be said for this world of audio ,

Love you all, you provide good info, but aint it funny that most is developed on the job and really we all waste each others time every now and then talking about what valve we've got in our lamp.


(this message has been edited, the man responsible was once again under the influence)