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It's a personal choice, kind of like how now one can tell you how comfortable you'll be in different pairs of shoes. Sounds like you know what you want more than any of us can tell you, but here's a little insight in case it helps.

I like my DW5000 lefty double pedal, and I have the same model on hats. I tried the Iron Cobra and it felt too bulky, like driving a tank instead of sportscar (DW). The Axis felt flimsy and thin to me, like driving a Yugo. I couldn't find a Yamaha or Pearl pedal that didn't click somewhere in it's throw!! I tried three of each and it baffled me. It wasn't my technique, because 3 other drummers in the store tried it right after me and it was the same for them. The Yamaha felt ok though.

If you don't have much experience playing, then it shouldn't matter that much what you start out with, you'll grow into it. I prefer keeping my kick and hat pedals the same, but if I had started out with an axis double pedal and a DW hat, it wouldn't make a difference because it would eventually be second nature.

Also, I don't find the lack of adjustments on the DW to be any kind of shortcoming. Again, that's only because I'm used to it. Give me adjustable spring tension, beater shaft height, and beater cam L to R, and I'm happy.

The only thing I would change is making the DW convertible to a single pedal. The way it is now, the 'main' pedal is slightly offset from lining up with the center of the kick, so that both beaters have room to share the center (sort of making the center wider than it would be if I single pedal was used and aimed right down the middle, if any of this makes sense). I don't know if the newer DW's have dealt with this problem, but you might want to check it out.