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Let's see, if you include buss comp and EQs on every channel then it costs a lot more. Well, you CAN add those things, ala-carte, as need and budget arise. You can expand and grow the X-Desk. And it's not just so-called "pro-sumers" that are buying it. I know one pro engineer who has done a great job mixing ITB for years and he's ready to get a good analog summing stsyem.

That's what you should compare it to -- other summers in the 2K to 3K range. Seems to have a lot of features at that price range along with the XL SuperAnalogue sound quality.

Even if you max it out with a second X-desk an X-rack of EQs and a buss comp, it's still a really affordable system. Think of how much the smallest SSL J or K console would have cost....