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OT: Question for the Drummers

Sorry for the somewhat off topic post, but it seems like there are a few drummers on this board so I thought I might ask...

I'm looking to buy a new double bass pedal. I've been playing with the Tama Iron Cobra Jr. for the past several years. I've narrowed it down to the following 1. Tama Iron Cobra (round cam/rolling glide) 2. DW Delta II Turbo 5002 3. Axis AL-2 Longboard

The trouble is I like all of them but all of them have one or two things that I don't particularly like.

The Tama's left foot pedal has both both "arms" as where the DW doesn't have one on the left side. And I like to keep my hihat footboard right next to my left bass pedal so I can play both simultaneously with little effort.

The DW doesn't have as many adjustments as the Tama(features that I really like).

If I get the Axis I would need to replace my hihat stand as well because the feel of the Axis are COMPLETELY different from most other pedals/stands, and it would just feel strange having the hat pedal feel totally different from the bass pedal.

Any thoughts from the guys with experience with these pedals?