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Old 25th April 2003
Lives for gear

Bevvy, normally I don't even like you, but you've struck a chord with me, especially with this passage, much of which I was disturibingly able to relate to:

"I know very bad elephantine depression caused by darkened streets has not lifted my spirits today, and soon the listless barium sulphate will diffuse in my colourfully attired African yet strangely enough, Central Venusian Television, demonstrating its relatively insignificant yet obscure and frightening purple protrusion which can occasionally suddenly shudder causing
moistness which provaricates moistly along the M40, upsetting local badgers and sleeping policemen."

I can always breath a deep sigh of relief in knowing that I'm not the only one who isn't afraid to explore the boundless, grey-mattered confines of a seemingly lost mind, be it my own or someone else's.

Did you see/read Naked Lunch? I do a scary good impression of Mr. Burroughs. This thread smells like that movie after Jabba the Hut has visited a closed stall.

One other thought. Your writing (if it is of your birth) reminds me a little of David Bowie's songwriting method: cutting words out of various magazines and other texts and combining them in a way that comes the closest to making sense (which for his purposes, usually meant something that could be sold at large). By the looks of it, you had a cooking mag around, plus the local newspaper, a Scandanavian travel guide, and some pornography involving marine life.

Although I find this strangely threapeutic, I don't expect anyone to respond. heh (beam me up from these coordinates)

p.s. to Bev - Just reread this.. don't take it as a slam cos it sort of reads back that way, I actually really liked your writing