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Old 25th April 2003
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When I eat my Sploo I nearly turned left into South Kensington where the
excessively large cornflake consuming factory suddenly decided to reinvest
Euro's into a vary succulent type of apple which sounds loudly but whenever
fieldmice terminate grasshoppers using elasticated sputum compounds
disgustingly castrated by a humongous pair of yellow Buddha's, it coagulated
into blancmange -like magic liniment despite it's appalling smell which
occasionally reverberates across Scandinavia where Sven sometimes fumbles
around in his very special bag, producing a a a a excitingly repetitive pong
of crabapples Confusing Everyone who had thrown up globules containing tons
of carrots mixed unintentionally with Ulrika Pieces which stained rather
controversial spandex elephants which amused my loins during the architectural
revamp. of Hackney.

Professor love inaugurated in my last year of a long, hard, yet strangely
exciting course of hellishly puerile but heavenly, though tiring talks with
-out you strangely eating my piece of cake.

Never shove your transcript of President Carter's unstoppable sex machinations
anywhere other than down the welcoming toilet.

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why does n't the Minister without any idea
ask embarassing questions, despite his long, purple Limoscene flavoured stick
-like portfolio of pornography.

Sven suckled some little yet huge palpitating and chelonian lollipop lady -boy
whose geriatric handbag was snatched by aliens on drugs.

Lancashire hotpot tastes your cat and feels just delightfully lumpy custard.

I know very bad elephantine depression caused by darkened streets has not
lifted my spirits today, and soon the listless barium sulphate will diffuse in
my colourfully attired African yet strangely enough, Central Venusian
Television, demonstrating its relatively insignificant yet obscure and
frightening purple protrusion which can occasionally suddenly shudder causing
moistness which provaricates moistly along the M40, upsetting local badgers and
sleeping policemen.

Tongues slowly lick intimate parts of Mongolian ladys inner -most desires which
arouse the feeling of extreme nervousness, within Stang's upper left -hand
dorsal fin, allowing entry which implicates innocent (although not in quite the
same unobtrusive fashion which unavoidably yet unnecessarily seconded by
a seconder) young of Gloucester.

Thousands, nay nay!