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Come to think of it, what is the point of an insert point on a mixer with no preamps or EQ? Insert between what?
Im guessing your other outboard gear (your other preamps and eq's)

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I utilize a hybrid style of mixing wPT8 for ITB and an outboard summing mixer. For rock/pop mixing, my typical setup is mono channels to the x-desk mixer for kick, snare, bass, & lead vox, then stems for egs', ag's, keys, bgv's, etc., sent to stereo pairs. Everything on the x-desk is routed to a patchbay, so I can easily insert outboard gear to the inserts or auxes. I compared mixes using the x-desk vs an API DSM system (7800 + 8200's). Sonically, the mixes were identical to both me & the clients using the same itb & outboard settings on the EQs and comps. The x-desk seems to have more gain at each stage (channel & mix bus output), but is very quiet with no audible crosstalk.
X-desk Pros: sonically neutral compared to API at half the price; better cue system for recording; 2 stereo aux returns (none on API); the IJack is very convenient for quick listening to another audio source (especially clients ipods!). Cons: no aux sends or inserts on the Alt channels, so the 'other 8' channels are not near as useful as the 'primary' channels.

Would love to see some pics of your setup featuring the x desk!