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More info please-ie your mixes in X desk as compared to what? and how is the X desk mixes different sonically.

Congrats and looking to hear about your experience.

I utilize a hybrid style of mixing wPT8 for ITB and an outboard summing mixer. For rock/pop mixing, my typical setup is mono channels to the x-desk mixer for kick, snare, bass, & lead vox, then stems for egs', ag's, keys, bgv's, etc., sent to stereo pairs. Everything on the x-desk is routed to a patchbay, so I can easily insert outboard gear to the inserts or auxes. I compared mixes using the x-desk vs an API DSM system (7800 + 8200's). Sonically, the mixes were identical to both me & the clients using the same itb & outboard settings on the EQs and comps. The x-desk seems to have more gain at each stage (channel & mix bus output), but is very quiet with no audible crosstalk.
X-desk Pros: sonically neutral compared to API at half the price; better cue system for recording; 2 stereo aux returns (none on API); the IJack is very convenient for quick listening to another audio source (especially clients ipods!). Cons: no aux sends or inserts on the Alt channels, so the 'other 8' channels are not near as useful as the 'primary' channels.