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Originally Posted by Dean Roddey View Post
Floating point DAWs will deal with this fairly well, though it's always possible that the algorithm doesn't do so.
That seems to be what Chris is saying... here's what another plugin maker says... I censored the name of his plug as I don't know that he wants to be on this thread.

Hi Danny,

Our plugs (which are all floating point) generally do not clip, so you can crank the gain and pass on the louder than 0 dB signal to the downstream processing. Some of our plugs are peak limiters, or have a peak limiter built-in. For example, XXXXXX has a simple on/off peak limiter as an option. I've found this handy when using Sound Forge, for example, which takes the 32-bit floating point output and converts it to integer (16 or 24 bit) and which will clip anything over 0 dB. So in this case the peak limiter prevents the nasty clipping by the host.