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To the, I don't beleive this is about cliping plugins. I think it's about running 1/3 the level into your plugins (-18dB) than many who run -2 dbFS, resluting with a -20dBFS signal going in.

Is there any documentation that can display that plugins actually do behave like analog consoles and that running -20dBFS into a plugin is actaully better than running -0.1dBFS?

I'll certainly be experimenting myself and will post my findings and probably a blind test. but I'd like to see somewhere where UAD, WAVES, OXFORD, Etc..... mention that their plugins will behave drastically better if you feed them -20dB as oposed to -1dB.

I'm not saying I'm sure of one way or the other. My findings will dictate how I conduct business as always.
If it's true that I can gain any amount of "betterness" in my recordings simply by lowering my record levels from - 6 - 10 dBFS to -20 dBFS, I will be the first to do so.

Blind test comming soon!
I hear ya! 'Trim every track down -20dBFS' sounds a lot like 'leave every PT fader at 0.0 ', and we all know plenty about the latter...

Interestingly, the manual for the Waves API 2500 says this under "Threshold"
+10dBu to -20dBu (-12dBFS to -42dBFS)
And the Waves SSL Channel manual:
An Input Trim Button enables you to trim the input to the channel by ± 18db. The plug-in is aligned so that -18 dBFS = 0.

Is the above enough justification to trim every track down 20dB? Not in my opinion.