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Old 24th April 2003
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$3K is waaaaayyy too much for a 3500, and a 3700 would have to be mint to fetch that much. I forget which one I was looking at, but it was either a 3500 or a 3700 with a custom built producers desk/stand which looked very very hip and expensive and I had the seller down to $1800 and I was still chipping away when I bought my Trident. The theory being that I had $7K to spend on a new desk, I could either spend $7K on a whole desk or I could spend under $2K and get some outboard to go with it. My first console was a Tascam 8-buss and I cut some decent sounding stuff on it with no outboard mics or pres. At the time I thought it sounded really bad but 5 years later it's actually decent.

If you can live with -10 and can get the price down by at least $700-1000 I'd take it over a Wackie. Also, if your studio is open to outside clients it does look more like a real desk and it does have automation. I wasn't aware of a +4 mod for it, nobody mentioned it at the time I was looking at one and I'd imagine it wouldn't be a simple deal since there isn't a -10/+4 jumper. That alone might be worth the extra bucks that's making it $3K.

Hey, the Macarana was mixed on a 3700.