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Hey steely! How you doin' man?

ART sent me an email last week stating that they are releasing a version of the Tubefire8 with ADAT outs in November. I have no idea what the price will be. It will have 8 preamps which you don't need, but I just figured I would let you know anyway.

Take care and enjoy the "Deeps"!
Take another look at the Tubefire8. I'm not certain how these adat pieces work, how they read their inputs and outputs, but that's a firewire based connection. I don't think the Deeps communicates with firewire? It has adat and usb 1.0 (??? crazy, I know). It looks like it comes with a version of Cubase too, so it seems it wants to work with a PC..????

If Adat interfaces can communicate through their adat connection, without firewire, then this looks like a cool piece of gear,especially with the tube pres'. I'm not versed in how these connections talk to each other.

I think Akai was supposed to have some optional connectitivity PCI boards in the works back then, but not sure. But I'm pretty sure they didn't come stock least mine doesn't have one installed.