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Hey steely! How you doin' man?

ART sent me an email last week stating that they are releasing a version of the Tubefire8 with ADAT outs in November. I have no idea what the price will be. It will have 8 preamps which you don't need, but I just figured I would let you know anyway.

Take care and enjoy the "Deeps"!
Doing good! Still learning the DPS24........what a killer machine. Feel like I'm starting over, like a greenie, you know, new learning curve.

Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep my eyes peeled. Oh, by the way, I enjoyed your music you posted at Studio TRaXX, I only had time to listen to a littlebit of one song, I think your first shared recording with the Deeps, but can tell you have a nice ear for good music.

Cheers man,