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Originally Posted by DAWgEAR
Were any e251C models (prototype or other) available at AES? Did anyone try one?


You mentioned that the high end will be switchable (bright/dark) on the e251C to be similar to either the Elux251 or E250. Does the lower end more closely resemble the Elux251 or E250?

The E251C was there, to the right of the E47C.
The general read from customers that tried it at AES was that it does sound a lot like the ELUX251 set to cardioid (as was the plan). The switch gives you the option to tame the top end down if you want, giving you that "vintage" feel some prefer. The low end is more like the ELUX than the E250, which had the proximity effect moved up in freq compared to ELUX. The higher performance moves the price higher though: $3250 for the E251C, up $250 from E250. The E47C is $4250 compared to $4500 for the E47, so a touch less.