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Wat up guys?
Thanks for the suggestions, but to be clear. The goal is to get 8 channels OUT of my machine. It's not a computer interface I'm looking for, and I'm trying to avoid buying something expensive with nice preamps (I don't need'em), I've already got some external pre's and plenty of INPUTS.

I need something with 8 OUTPUTS and is ADAT.
Actually, what I'm looking for doesn't even need inputs, it just needs to talk to my AKAI DPS24 stand alone recorders ADAT, so It will recognize my my already recorded material, and let me route them out of my machine.

I only have 4 AUX sends to send audio out of the DPS24, and no direct outs for each channel. Follow me?

Thanks for the help,
Hey steely! How you doin' man?

ART sent me an email last week stating that they are releasing a version of the Tubefire8 with ADAT outs in November. I have no idea what the price will be. It will have 8 preamps which you don't need, but I just figured I would let you know anyway.

Take care and enjoy the "Deeps"!