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Thanks! Yep, and that's what alot of folks have suggested. Was wondering if anyone had discovered something else (no pres). Thing is, I wouldn't be using the pres' at all, just the ADAT feature and the analog outs on the box, so I'm not as scared. But what is important is that the "B" would be channeling 4 of my 6 stereo tracks OTB, so the sound is pretty important here. Not real sure what type of conversion is actually happening, if any. Maybe someone could shed some light.

The audio has already been converted from analog to digital from the initial recording process. So now my DPS24 has all that audio inside.

What type of conversion happens now by sending the tracks out of the AKAI via ADAt through the Behringers analog outputs? It is leaving digital and out analog.


I've never used the Behringer but have heard good things about it (someone has a shootout here on G.S. somewhere between that and a Rosetta I believe)

It is a digital signal out of the Akai via optical ADAT lightpipe into the converter of your choice. The conversion is done in the Behringer/MOTU/PreSonus...etc and sends analog signals out.