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Old 2nd September 2009
Not to rain on your parade but this IS the moan zone...

Being self-taught isn't some sort of accomplishment. It just means it took you longer to understand aurally what the "trained" composers understand intellectually. I'm not saying Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Aphex Twin, Wes Montgomery et al are bad per se...

What I'm saying is that when you're self taught, you don't know the rules. So you go write something that you think is so friggin innovative and will really revolutionize the way we think about music but in the end, you just used a tritone substitution or modal interchange...

Danny Elfman for example loves the Lydian b7 scale...something that the "trained" music world has known about since about the 1950s. Aphex Twin is a pioneer in an industry where there aren't any teachers...his MUSIC isn't all that interesting, his sound design/synthesis is.

Hans Zimmer is a good example of a guy that sounds like he's trained. That is something that you can learn over time. Training just speeds it up.

Innovation really comes from a LOT of knowledge. Either that's through training or just a whole mess of listening.

Neither method is better, we just shouldn't be sitting around congratulating ourselves one way or the other.

So quit looking for affirmation ahahaha