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Old 10th October 2005
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Of all things... the C84 has become my new favorite 2nd pre on Electric Bass!!!

I split the signal (with an IB1), one goes to the LTD-1 and the other to the C84. The C84 channel hits the distressor, and I blend the two. LOVE IT!!! Out of the 4 SCA pre's (N72, A12, J99, C84), the C84 is my favorite in this application. The low end is ample, and super clean and accurate. Blended in with the warmth of the LTD-1... oh man!!! It's lovely!

I also love the C84 alone on Acoustic Guitars, clean vocals, etc.

I agree with Michael in that this would be a FANTASTIC choice for 1st preamp. I didn't expect to love it as much as the other 3 since it's so cheap... but right away... it's getting LOT's of use round here!!

Great work Tim!!!