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Re: MA, Neumann, Politics, Irreverance

Originally posted by Lowdbrent
I myself am a Christian and ......

Germans are VERY anti-semetic. Consider why Germany did not want us going in to Habib-ville. They were providing Saddam Insane with technology and uclear reactor product. They also have an insterest in the demise of Israel, just as Russia does. So one picture about THEIR PROUD PAST should not offend them.
Hey Malice, when your country grows some balls and gets out of bed with every political *****, you can have an understanding of where I am coming from.
Had we irreverant people not interceded, you would not exist today, nor would your little country. If your bloodline did exist, you would be German.
Since we are now talking religion and politics ( Sorry Jules) ...

I am have a Judeo-Christian belief system and the number one time killer for me is distancing myself from this sort of horse ****. are you completly ****ing crazy?

1)All germans are anti semetic now? wow, this is the same sort of logic that actually led to Hitler, and the Clan ( another fine US export)
2) When his country grows some balls? Wow us US dwellers know all about war and what it does to us now after what, 2 attacks on our soil ever ( I am thinking Pearl and NYC)
3)What is wrong with being German?

Soory for the rant all, I really hate it when these threads go this way ( although I am now officially one of the reasons for derailment) but this is just crap.