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e47 vs ???

we love our e47 soundelux! I wish I had the dough to buy a second one, 2k on ebay right now...great deal! Great build, I'm second or third owner of our E47 and it still works great, David Bock builds a good mic! thumbsup

I would love to get a 5 zero 7 pair, but I don't have 10K+ right now... I want to hear the telefunken usa U47m and the m12 - c12 copy, and the 251 versus the elux251, will always lust after the wagner u47 and the lucas c1 probably because they sold out before I could get one.

I heard a brand new wunder cm7 not the gt I thought it was a little harsh or brittle on the high end, but it had not been burned in properly yet, 2 years later my buddy says it sounds great all burned in and he says great things about it.

I think all of David Bock's new mics and some of the high end Soundelux stuff is great bang for your buck, especially on the second hand market compared to the 5-8K other boutique mics brand new.... although if I ever hit the lotto I promise to be a good slut and buy two of every mic ever made , no matter what the price, age or rarity.