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Sorry but I can't really understand your comment. If it's deathly close to tape, why it doesn't work well on mix bus?

Real 351
FWIW i doubt i'd mix to a 351 (anamod or real) but YMMV. 102 is another story.

and 102 simply works great for mix bus.
i'm not sfere recording, but anamod does remind me of what a real machine would do. haven't heard a tape machine in a long time, but we used to own several and hear them day in and day out for a good number of years.

anyway the anamod unit has worked for me at times and at times not, depending on the material.

i get the impression people think 'tape' is some magic bullet that will automatically make things sound '3D', 'glued', 'mojoized' etc. etc. - alot of crap has been recorded on tape... probably more often than not, just like anything else. on bass and vocal the anamod has worked wonders here, and other times not. haven't had a chance to track hats, low snare and maybe overs on it yet but i do look forward to it.