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I prevent intersample peaks in final masters by:

Mastering/doing what I got to do, then checking for IS peaks with a meter like the SSL, if there are none I don't worry about it, if there are peaks I reduce the output ceiling a bit to see if that solves the problem, if I have to reduce the ceiling to below -.5dBFS and it still needs to be a hot master (sigh!) then I will consider using a IS peak limiter like the one in Ozone. I am not against further reducing the ceiling to avoid an extra process if it is acceptable by the client, but most people just want it super loud with a high RMS.

Many IS peaks can be avoided by not over-compressing or limiting, so keep that in mind when doing your processing. Also clipping AD converters in mastering can also create a condition that is conducive to IS peaks because it is often creating a stream of samples at -0dBFS (just like heavy limiting) which generally like to overshoot during an oversampling reconstruction.

Also I leave a max ceiling of -.3dBFS or lower by default which seems to take care of most IS peaks and any further changes in peak level due to sample rate conversion, dithering, and MP3/other format conversion.