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Not sure that you would need summing modules if you have an X-Desk. The Desk is like having 2 x 4 input mods, 1 x 8 input, master. Plus monitor controler, talk back, and extensive routing.... things that you don't get with the X-Logic modules. It seems like another option, suitable depending on how you work.

The Speck is great, but a different product (much less extensive routing, talkback, etc).

If the X-Desk isn't for you, it isn't for you.
I know what the specs are for sure. I was a great proponent of the Xdesk in earlier threads. But I've always said the Xdesk had more value when teamed up with another summing mixer like (my choice) an API 8200a with an additional 8 input unit. That way you actually have channels to mix.

It's funny, I had just started buying xrack mods when the Xdesk was realeased and I immediately saw that it was 2 4channel, 1 8channel and a master module with the addition of aux's. I was thrilled! So I sold my modules to buy an Xdesk instead. But the more I worked on other mixers and with some experienced engineers the more I realized how gimmicky the Xdesk is.

The Xrack has more busses (3), Total Recall and with the master module all the monitoring, routing in the world. The 8 input mods are really for fx return.

I picked up a Midas Venice 320 instead.

I view the Xdesk as more useful for tracking with outboard, than for mixing.... I guess you could mix vocals or drums with it and send this submix to a console, but you can't really mix an entire ensemble with it. You need more channels for this benefit. I hear a huge difference between the summers that I've used (api, ssl, dangerous, oram) and the Midas Venice board ... and the Venice is the clear winner.

I would of course, use a summer WITH the venice board .. perhaps. But I think I'd be better off selling my board and using this money with what money I had for the summer and buying a neotek or some other rig.

I'm just saying, that for mixing, it would have been an incredibly valuable tool if it had total recall capability AND a mix bus compressor.

I have heard with my ears that putting a mix bus comp or nice EQ on an ITB mix is FAR more impacting than spreading stems out over 8 channels...unless of course you have a cool transformer or op amp on those stems.