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No, it's more likely due to the fact that they recognize that there's a HUGE market in amateur "sound engineers" that they want to sell to because their traditional customers are being driven out of business by people who can't tell the difference between a professionally engineered mix and something done in their bedroom.

And you want a 2-buss compressor? Give me a break!

If you REALLY want dynamics control on all the busses and channels for a mere $2000, get the Presonus StudioLive. Granted, it doesn't sport the SSL name. But hey, you're only paying 2 grand!

And it's not the NAME you pay for - it's the QUALITY and the RESALE VALUE!!!!
John I know it I was just a bit sarcastic about this product.
But this tells us as well that digital is not too bad and people think how they can save money.... anyway myself I also would love to own a nice desk and you know what ....sometimes I write good songs and I mix them at a friends place.

So some people get me wrong here I know that SSL is an industry standard and I know they are loved for what they do....and they make outstanding gear no question.

But I do not understand what they want to tell me with this little tiny thing with their brand on it? Can you explain me this? Does this gives me the sound of an large format SSL console.....? I guess no!!!

I do not understand why a brand that is famous for consoles leaves the console concept for small business studios?

So now you can buy the matrix or this tiny little mixer and buy all the EQs and comps extra.

So why not making a concept 16 CH a usable EQ on every channel and a mix bus comp about 9-10 K overall.
All in one desk ready for using for small places and low budget producers.