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Surely nothing could sound better than mixing on the cheapest platform available with software faders and two channels of good conversion. If you want more control you can just spend 50 bucks on some plastic controller from maudio or something. Then you have better than an SSL for less than 200 dollars.

Then just get some plugins because that stuff sounds better than all of that old finicky hardware with cumbersome metering and un-mousable knobs.

And what about lack of recall with smelly old vintage gear ? Why the horror. The horror I am telling you. The only people that still use that analog gear for tracking/mixing are old monks in monasteries and the amish people recording their square dance barn parties.

You, sir, are an idiot. (or a troll) (Hey, turnabout is fair play, right? You insult me, I insult you.)

The only people who still use analog gear are the few people left with functioning ears.

And my "smelly old analog desk" has full moving fader and mute automation.

"Un-mousable knobs"????? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can get a mix with my "un-mousable knobs" in 1/20th the time it takes you to wade through all your nested menus and windows and fiddle around with your low resolution mouse.

Dig it, junior - I have a 24 track real time i/o DAW that I hate using because it's TOO DAMN SLOW! Not to mention annoyingly imprecise. And it doesn't sound that great, compared to tape. It takes me SECONDS on my analog console to do what takes you MINUTES to do ITB. My knobs have INFINITE resolution - your mouse is limited to the resolution of your screen.

But the real kicker is the sound - if digital sounded so great then why are all you digital guys spending so much money on plugins that allege to fake that "analog tape warmth"????? Huh?????

Apologies for the rant to all the pros reading this. It's not aimed at you.