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For me the X desk is a sign that SSL recognized that no one needs a desk today anymore to get professional sound.
2 K in Euro and no 2 Bus compression....much overpriced IMO.

Trying to make the impression this is an real SSL ..... marketing hype.

The idea behind this is that you buy their SSL Outboard gear as well.
So you will end up at with an EQ for every channel and the bus compressor around 16 K in Euro if you buy all the stuff from SSL.

If you invest such a big amount of money it is worth to think about to get an nice refurbished Studer-Vintage desk as well as one SSL Bus compressor clone.

My guesswork with the SSL stuff is you pay a lot for the brand SSL.

It is like with Gibson or Martin Guitars.
People buy this stuff not because it sounds great they buy it because it has a Martin Logo on the head-plate.

Many times I was taking a brand new Morgan Guitar from Canada over any Martin in the shop.
Guess what the client bought the Martin.

And that is in my opinion the effect SSL is waiting for...."Wow I got an SSL in my bed room studio"

Just for summing and in-bounding some outboard I can have cheaper solutions than that one.
I would more tend to buy a cheap mackie as this overpriced toy.

It was not your question I know but this is may a reason why people are not hyping this unit....
No, it's more likely due to the fact that they recognize that there's a HUGE market in amateur "sound engineers" that they want to sell to because their traditional customers are being driven out of business by people who can't tell the difference between a professionally engineered mix and something done in their bedroom.

And you want a 2-buss compressor? Give me a break!

If you REALLY want dynamics control on all the busses and channels for a mere $2000, get the Presonus StudioLive. Granted, it doesn't sport the SSL name. But hey, you're only paying 2 grand!

And it's not the NAME you pay for - it's the QUALITY and the RESALE VALUE!!!!