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Mh I am a bit afraid to buy such a postage stamp mixer without all the nice EQs by SSL.
Some musicians could start laughing about me.....

Sorry TERMINAL my retailer here in Berlin (Capitol of Germany) told me nothing is selling fast with the X-DESK. And his shop is the biggest shop in town as well as an SSL selling consultant.

I believe that all the older engineers which have worked with real SSL desks feel mucked about it.
So what's your gripe exactly then? This costs a fraction of the price of what you consider to be a "real" SSL desk. And it's completely user-configurable. Prefer a Neve EQ on the send? No problem - and you haven't paid extra for the channel strips that you may or may not use anyway. You're not "locked in" to any particular configuration. It's not a console "replacement," nor is it supposed to be.

And I guess your retailer is just not very good at shifting them then, or for some reason people in Berlin aren't buying them, because I do know for fact they are selling. The desk has had great reviews in the UK music press as well.

Heaven forbid that SSL try to get something into the hands of project studios and small pro rooms that's actually inexpensive for what it is. I don't understand what you feel the need to complain about: they're not tricking you into thinking your getting something that you're not. Give it a try! I'm sure your dealer would be happy to let you spend some time with one to see if it fits your workflow. Then you can make an informed choice.