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Old 15th August 2009
Do inter-sample peaks only matter during D/A (Mr Frindle?)?

Just a point I need to clarify: I totally get inter-sample peaks. What I wanted to know is if they only occur during the D/A process.

Suppose I have a track with material that has adjacent sample points at 0dbfs, and would (for the sake of argument) create an inter-sample peak of +2. But, this track is going into a mix buss whose fader is down -2.

Problem solved?

Or further, what if I have an EQ (pre-fader) across the buss? Assume I haven't trimmed the input, so it's seeing the two 0dbfs samples.

Is it even conceivable that this EQ could clip at +2 since the EQ, being ITB, is only working within the context of a sample rate?

Are inter-sample peaks even "visible" to most ITB processes since ITB, nothing is technically "inter-sample"?

Are inter-sample peaks really only important at the mastering stage, when preparing audio to be converted by a playback system?