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Re: Carnival of Light (Ride)

Hi david
Thanks. Carnival of Light was strange record for me but turned out great. We did it at Manor in Oxford and some at RAK 1 and Chipping Norton and mixed at Abbey Road 3. My main memory is the band being particularly grumpy with each other and a bit of struggle to get things done... I think we ended up with piano and hammond on most tracks and horn sections. Jon Lord came in on hammond and did a gliss and broke his finger nail and an organ key such was his enthusiasm! It was all good fun really. Guitar sounds were good coming from band so recording was not such a problem with them. Andy suggested the school kids choir on "I Don't Know Where it Comes From" last track and I fixed it up and the session was for 9am and of course the band never showed up and I had to run whole session and come up with parts with the choirmaster. The band just came for photo session at end! rock n roll. Ride were big at the time and I had to delay starting Radiohead right after.
Cheers JL