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Hi Butch, thanks for doing this. Big fan for a long time!

I love both your very produced (Garbage) and underproduced albums (sonic youth - experimental jetset, trash and no star )

What's your view on "limiting" your options during the recording of an album? (Track count, tracking days, live band vs. overdubs, FX etc) Is it always up to the band or do you have a strong opinion on how "produced" that particular album should sound?
I don't think you should limit yourself either way, if it's "produced or underproduced".
I think if you get a sensibility of how an artist should sound, you will start to make decisions regarding the production that almost become second nature. If it's a band that can utilize a lot of overdubs or production tricks, I will just start suggesting ideas. But if it's a band like that's more primal sounding, I don't really think about productions options that wouldn't be true to who they are.