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the only thing i dont like is that the snare sounds like in a 8 by 14 room, doesnt sound too open, the vibe is great, the production is great, everything is great i just dont like that little detail, awesome man.
Hey Petelebu- firstly thanks for the compliments and yeah-I hear you on the snare.

The tracking room is 40 feet by 23 feet!!!!

I had a sound of a dry thick heavy snare in my mind. So I arranged for a damping pad to be placed on the snare to choke it back. In the headphone mix when tracking sounded great.

When I mixed the snare was too dark- so I eq'd in some mids and put on a little pate reverb-still dry but.

So the sound was intentionally dry and damped-I could increase the plate reverb- I have not yet run it past the client who will need to give final direction on how wet/dry the snare ought be.

We tracked 3 songs, on a song which has a Japanese edge (used TOMS to get huge Japanese drum gong sounds) and is HUGE and open-the drummer suggested opening the snare which we did. That song is HUGE and I have not mixed...bit freaked out by fitting it all in.....

Thanks for your view-which I can understand-I just did not want that wet washy snare for a gritty vibe blues one. Donno-whtya other people think-more snare plate or leave it?