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Sounds terrific! good work.

I'm seriously considering the James. Perhaps you wouldn't mind advising me since you have both it and the Jade.

I am looking for a darker Tube condenser. I have an aversion to LDC's that are too sizzly or sibilant. Im looking for a details but warm and unhyped solution. The sames of the James have really intrigued me. How would you describe the difference between the two in use?

Hi Blake-thanks for the compliment.

In terms of Jade/James I would summarise mikes as follows:

Jade: Has a U47 type vibe- but more "compressed" ie not quite the transient depth/size. Is detailed and has air in the 10K plus range, and is modern bright in the 4to 8K range which gives it a modern style sound. So far I have used on piano/acoustic guitars and it is great on vocals.

James: Again has a U47 vibe-but does not have the air in the 10K plus range to my ear, and it is less bright than the Jade in the 4 to 8 K range which means it avoids spittiness and esses. The bottom sounds big because of the vintage top end. Sounds like it has a slight curve from 1 to about 4 K but then slopes down afterwards. Awesome on vocals for a vintage wine "aged" sound, great on saxaphone and I would hazard a pair in M/S would be great on drum room. Next session I will use FOK with the -10 pad in.

Actually with that song above- I tracked vocals with pearlman Tm1 (with Beez Neez K47 single backplate capsule) with a black frilled stocking over it and above a Beez Neez James. The TM1 gave that huge air transient bite and aggression, and the James gave that smooth buttery mids body-mixed together.

That saxaphone was tracked with James in omni and an M160 close, and the pianos were tracked with a Jade and the TM1 in M/S.

Hope that helps!