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Whenever I am doing something inspired but Siamese Dream I try and use multiple cabinets, heads... mesa boogie's, fender bassman's. I also try and use different mic combo's, like tracking the mesa four times with a 421, them four times with a 57.

My first question is, when your bouncing all those tracks to stereo, have you done most of your e.q. and filtering to each take or is this something you'll give yourself options for later in the mix stage.

My second is that I've seen or read interviews where you like having guitars in the L and R, but also up the middle, which is something I've started doing. Do you have a particular tone you like to hear up the middle: perhaps something darker or brighter than in the sides?

Lastly, thank you very much for participating. Like so many, Nevermind was a touchstone record that inspired me to write songs and record. Over the years I'm still gaining a deeper respect for the work that you do. Cheers.
Usually when I bounce, I try to make it sound like it will in the final mix, so I will eq/compress and sort of "pre-mix"...

When I put a guitar up the middle, it usually has more mid-range crunch, or try to find a eq pocket that gives definition to the chords or riff...and it's usually in the mid-range, 500 hz to 2k...