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You've mentioned the Akai sampler several times. You even mentioned running vocals through one. Was this to tweak backing vocals or ? I've never used one so I'm curious as to what you loved about it so much. It sounds like it was an integral part of your workflow.

Thanks for sharing.
I bought the Akai S 1000 after hearing Public Enemy's albums, I wanted to use a sample in making music. I started using it for remixes in the mid 90's, then went crazy with it on the first Garbage record. Probably 60-70% of the tracks went through the Akai, to manipulate the sound.
When I listen to the 1st Garbage album, it sounds kinda weird, but what I hear is the sound of the Akai s 1000.
I bought a Kurzweil k2500 for the 2nd album, but we started moving into Pro Tools on that album so the samplers started to fall out of favor.

The only thing i didn't like about the Akai was the unbalanced to balanced issues....but it had a sound!