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A big thanks from Michael Brauer.

Two bulls are on top of a hill looking down at a herd of cows. The younger bull snorts, stamps his hoof and says “let’s run down there and do us a couple of cows”, the older wiser bull says “I’ve got a better idea, let’s walk down there and do them all”.

What’s the message? Not sure, but there’s got to be one in there somewhere.

My little visit is over. It’s been a fun month, thank you.

Thanks Jules for making my introduction to the world of gearslutz such a pleasant experience. You’re extra work in preparing and moderating the questions were much appreciated by all of us. I look forward to meeting you at the AES show next week.

Thanks also goes to you guys for the great questions and for some very funny remarks. It made me think real hard about what I believe in and I’m better for it. Of all the 165+ questions I’ve been asked, some were particularly good so I want to thank these guys:
Nek-gear vs. the engineer who is using the gear
JFK,-Producer/Engineer Managers
Scruffydog -Drugs in the studio
2Leod- Passion, music and the muse...
Sanchez - Hard concepts for a soft world?
Kestral - Getting Through The Tough Times
Wackowill- Assistant Engineers
Dokushoka- Pitching the "Inspried" mix to a client
Gainreduction- How do you get the most out of vocals ?
Jules- Does multibuss compression work on everything?
Thethrillfactor- SSL 9000J for mixing rock
Karlphasor- How do you define the space for the music in a song?

See you around. Take care, michael