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Old 28th July 2009
Here for the gear

Standing Here and The Sun Still Shines

Hi John,
Ive been buying the new EPs from itunes and they sound awsome especially the ones that havent been touched for years "going down "standing here" ect. I was just wondering tho, the intro to the new standing here has a strange pitch up and down thingie at the begining.
I think my old she bangs 12" used to do that but im not sure and I aint got a record player any more to check it out. was it like this already or did you add it? if you added it was it just to piss Squire off a bit? hahahahahaha.

Theres only one left "one love" is the untitled track on this the one that goes on and on for 18mins until something happens? The one you and Ian talk about on your remastering video? If not you releasing it?

One last question, why didnt you ORDER the roses to record Sun Still Shines with you? I think even the old old demo I have of that tune is awsome, susch a shame they didnt do it.
O.K. thats it from me no more questions Im sure Im sending your glasseye to sleep with my geeky questions.
Take it easy John.