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Just a point, bus isn't it true that the differences in bit depth and sample rate really only become apparent at the lowest points in the dynamics for bit depth, and the highest frequencies for sample rate?

In which case, for alot of music, debate over bit depth and sample rate is nearly moot, particulary with rock and pop and the current trend for everything to be as LOUD as possible (debate for another day).
Bit depth degraging as signal level decreases is simple not an issue (provided it's decent to begin with, IE 44.1/16) because there just isn't much quiet stuff going on in alot of music, IMO.

At the other end of the scale away from the loud stuff, when recording/mixing music with large dynamic range like classical or jazz, bit depth/sample rate would be incredibly important, otherwise we'd be listening to nice sounding loud parts, and cheesy lo-fi quiet bits, yes? (I know, it's an exageration, just making a point :D )

So I would think it depends on the program as to what format you choose, am I right?