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Originally posted by Rab
For digital recording it has to be the case that, all other factors being equal, the higher the resolution the better the recording
I disagree with that logic. It's only a better recording to me if I can notice the difference, and then if I prefer that difference. And I have demonstrated to my own satisfaction that I cannot hear some of the differences that people assume "should" be there, based only upon a number.

If I can notice, and I like the difference, great. Otherwise, it's just a bigger number.

So my question is, if I play you two different recordings back to back, and you cannot tell which is which by listening, does the recording with the bigger number still have to be a better recording?

I think that if it sounds better, then it is better. But if I cannot hear a difference, it's just some numbers as far as I'm concerned.

I suppose the reason I'm hammering away at this concept is that it underlines a fundamental principle of making music that I believe may be getting lost in the fascination with specs. None of the numbers matters to me if I can't hear the difference, and more importantly, if I don't prefer the difference. Regardless of how badly a manufacturer would like to sell me some new stuff.

The post above this one is a perfect example of what I mean. If Ted had assumed the bigger numbers just had to sound better, he would never have bothered to listen to the other options and make up his own mind.

Always make up your own mind. Because when was the last time a dealer or manufacturer said to you, "Nah, what you've got is don't need to buy this thing I'm selling. Just work on improving yourself instead." ?


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