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Old 16th April 2003
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I am doing some mixdowns from analog to digital, using a Cranesong HEDD.

We tried mixing to 1/4" analog tape, mixing to 24:96, mixing to 24:44.1, mixing to 16:44.1.

What sounded best, by far, to our ears was 16:44.1. I'm thinking the HEDD must be really optomised for 44.1, and the dither is an important part of the sound. The dither is rather reminiscent of some of the nicest things about the 1/4 machine we were using, one with germanium transistors.

Everything just blended best and had the most musical result at 16:44.1. On other material, we might have gone with the analog machine, but we didn't want the compression and noise for the stuff we're doing now (acoustic instruments & percussion), and it's a joy to mix to exactly what will be heard on the CD.

When 24:96 is commonly available as a playback medium, as it may be some day, I hope it will work well to upsample from the 16:44.1 without changing anything.