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Originally Posted by allencollins View Post
Sorry ethan you hikacked the thread.
This is ridiculous. Here's my first post to this thread:

How is that hijacking? Versus your next post telling people not to listen to me.

You can make an acceptable recording in a bad room with a behringer preamp and a maudio.

You CAN'T make a recording that sounds like it was made in a professional studio.
I'm sorry that's just wrong.

The bottom line is cheap a/d sound harsh. cheap pres sound thin
If that were true Mike Keith would already have dropped off a preamp at FedEx on its way to me. He would have also arranged for, say, our mutual local customer Peter listed on his site to watch me do the comparison to make sure it's fair. Same for the converter shootout that came "this close" to happening, no fault of mine. Every time this comes up, I'm all over the chance to do a fair and balanced test, but the other side bags out. Why do you think that is?

Why don't you post some stuff cut in your treated room with your $50 converter? $50 preamp. I'd love to hear it
I don't consider myself an excellent mix engineer, but that has no bearing on the validity of my statements. At least I put my stuff out there for all to hear. Anyone can watch my Tele-Vision and Cello Rondo videos on Vimeo. Versus you and virtually all of the anonymous nay-sayers who have strong opinions but not one link to anything they've done. Your "About Me" link goes nowhere useful and shows not one musical project.

I'll wait patiently for you to post links to some music you've recorded and mixed.