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Originally Posted by allencollins View Post
I have no agenda other than hating certain gts, pearl jam and the beatles production.
LOL, so this first post of yours to this thread doesn't show signs of an "agenda?"

Don't listen to Ethan

You don't need a treated room to make great recordings.
Agreed, close micing compensates for a lot of acoustic problems. But you can't always do that with violins and saxophones and string basses etc. I'm focused mainly on the importance of treating the room you mix in, though recording acoustic instruments in an untreated bedroom usually sounds pretty bad.

"Is your room treated? " I'm sick of that reply.
I don't give a flying fig what you're sick of. Understand? I'm just as sick of seeing gear pimps tell newbies who are unhappy with their productions that they'll never get pro results until they drop big bux on ouboard pres and converters etc. That is never the reason a newbie's mixes suck. Discounting musical issues such as performance and arrangement etc, the typical newbie problems with making their tunes sound "like a record" are, in order:

Lack of skill and experience
Bad acoustics
Everything else

If you disagree that's fine, but at least be civil and stop with the name calling already. If you have logic and useful points to make, then go for it. Otherwise keep your thoughts to yourself. If your sole motivation for chiming in on a thread is to diss me, that says a lot more about you than it says about me.