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I purposely disable my sig in threads like this because microphone preamps have nothing to do with my company or products. Did I say anything about buying my products? All I did was agree with the OP when he mentioned that a number of pro engineers said mic pres do not vary much! And they don't. At least not the competent models.

BTW, I never said that preamps don't matter. It's just that these days they're all good enough to get great results. Of course the preamp in a 40 year old Radio Shack PA mixer will sound like ass. So preamps do matter. But preamps don't have to cost $500 or more per channel for professional results. That's my entire point in one sentence.

no ethan you hijack every thread with your room treatment agenda I have no agenda other than hating certain gts, pearl jam and the beatles production.

No shi* a stadium stage doesn't sound like a room in a basement but to make good live recordings you make a adjustments
based on the not so perfect acoustic environment. In a home studio you can (yes you can) do the same thing.

make adjustments.

You don't need a treated room to make great recordings. Sure it could be better and easier if you had a perfect acoustic environment. But then again it would be better if an other engineer was behind the desk too in some cases.

"Is your room treated? "

I'm sick of that reply. A treated room or control will not be at fault if your final recording sucks. I agree it is ideal to have a perfect room. But a good engineer can make a great recording in any room or environment under any circumstance

plain and simple.