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Mike, this is total bull****, and unwarranted insults against me and my company, and you know it. Your proposal for us to each build stuff and have the public assess them is preposterous. Why don't you actually prove the point you're trying to make? Whatever that is. The only point I've seen you make is insulting me.

Edit: Since you're so determined to turn this into a pissing contest, I'll tell you what: You send me your very best preamp, and I'll split one microphone to your preamp and to my Mackie 1202 mixer. Then I'll record both at once and post clips here for people to vote on. That at least is practical. Heck, my Mackie 1202 isn't even the newer VLZ type. It's an original model I bought in the 1990s. I'll record a jingly sounding tambourine to exercise the high end, and also my cello. How can you go wrong? Deal?

I was wondering WHEN your were going to pull the old "everyone's picking on me"
And WHO will be the judge of your test? You?
SO you don't believe what engineers have said ALREADY about my pre?
If not, then why the hell should ANYONE believe what you have on your site???

I'M done, trust me, it makes NO difference what you have to say about pres, mics, converters ect, the guys who REALLY uses them for a living are the ones I believe...

AND it does NOT matter if they are a WELL known engineer or not, for the 100th time THEY decide what THEY like/use NOT ME OR YOU.....

They don't have to prove WHY they use something, anything...

By the way Ethan, you missed my point as well, this was NOT about your traps versus MY mic pre, it was that for some reason you feel the whole world HAS to prove WHY they buy mic pre A over B, or converter A over B ect...

And another thing YOU were the one that FIRST said "anyone can build a mic pre"
I was NOT the one that said "anyone can build a bass trap"