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Old 25th July 2009
I've come to believe everything is about equal in importance. All this talk about what "top engineers and producers" do...don't you think a lot of them have rooms they prefer to work in? Experienced engineers know different spaces have different sounds that work for different things...just like preamps and microphones. There's nothing wrong with that.

In my little control room in my house room treatment made a big difference in the way material plays back in terms of balance in the frequency spectrum and an increase in the stereo spread, just like using a U47 over a C414 makes a big difference in a vocal recording. Just try to invest a little in every aspect of your recording that your budget allows. If you have a few thousand dollars it would probably be a better investment to spend $2500 on recording equipment and $500 on a GIK Room Kit then it would be to spend the entire $3000 on preamps, converters, and microphones.