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Well, of course a man that makes a living selling acoustic materials is going to tell you that you need them.

And a man that sells recording gear such as mics and preamps is going to tell you that you need better preamps.

There's nothing wrong with this, as both acoustic materials and top-notch recording equipment are very much part of the game.

With that said, i have been making recordings for 15+ years, some with terrible gear, some with great gear. Some of them were in treated rooms, some of them were in a bedroom or a garage with no treatment.

Can i hear differences? Of course.

Do my recordings made with terrible gear not sound that good compared to the ones i've done with great gear? Yes, but i've also become much more skilled with my technique over the years.

Is it the better gear alone? I'm not so sure...

Do the recordings i've made with no acoustic treatment sound bad compared to the ones i've done in treated rooms? Somewhat. Not drastically.

Bottom line for me is that acoustic treatment is not a be-all-end-all requirement to good sound. And neither is a certain mic preamp or other piece of recording gear.

More than anything else, it's what you do with what you have.
you're right the bottom line is it is the sum of all parts. Ideally you want everything to be tops including the

My point is simply give me a bad drum room and as long as I have eq. comps/gates and some reverb
The drums are gonna sound like they were cut in a treated room

If you're a purist and don't use any outboard then fine in your world you need a treated drum room.
I'm not a purist. I don't use samples but I like my outboard.......

I have a room now that sounds killer so I don't have to use as much processing and can get a real natural drum sound if need be. But if I didn't have the drum room I wouldn't be losing any sleep over it. It would just be an extra 15 minutes to patch in all the outboard to make up from the bad room.

This last winter I did a drum session at someones ski chalet in the NH White mountains. No room treatment
came out friggin killer. I guess I got lucky. Thanks gawd for Vistalites w/ 26in kick. 22 in floor tom sounded huge.

I mean lets face reality, not too many of us are recording for labels Listening to the final product on an ipod or Myspace at 22k 16bit, the least of your worries is bass traps and owens corning every 4ft or whatver.

Average Joe couldn't tell the difference between a treated room or a non treated room. Not to beat a dead horse but when I hear stuff like the white stripes or Nirvana, the drum sound to me like it's either bad engineering or a bad room who knows? maybe it's both.

Pop on Mob Rules by sabbath or Yes 90125 and there is your treated room and engineering perfection. But who cares, all 4 of those records sold a boatload regardless of sonic quality or what I think.

Any competent engineer is gonna get a quality sound in any room or any environment. That's why they have eq , dynamics/gates and reverb. It's not rocket science slapping up mics. To get a good vocal sound or acoustic gtr
a dead room will do. You can make one of those with moving blankets

repeat after me ...... Is your room treated?

Ask yourself this......
Does an Api preamp sound like a bad preamp capturing an untreated room? or does an untreated room sound like a bad room that was captured by the api preamp?

That is the question my friends . Figure that out and you will no longer need to seek the truth. Because you have the truth