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Great question best yet!
They go hand in hand really as both has to be good. You always have to make good sound thats right for the project... and complete it in time and do a good job or else no one will use you.
Finding the interesting projects is equally important because if you work with talented people that turn you on then the work is easier and a lot more enjoyable. The skill in finding those jobs is often down to who you are and how you come across and what your taste is. I think you have to get out there and 'network' and get to know the bands, management and record companies and focus in on people who can help you get projects. Most of all be yourself.

Thank you very much for answering my question. Also, I would like to say it was a great experience mixing one of the Soundpad projects (Advaita) during my course in Westminster University a month ago, the production on the album clearly is in line with what you have just explained here: great project, great musicians and a great production! Thanks once again!

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