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Well, of course a man that makes a living selling acoustic materials is going to tell you that you need them.

And a man that sells recording gear such as mics and preamps is going to tell you that you need better preamps.

There's nothing wrong with this, as both acoustic materials and top-notch recording equipment are very much part of the game.

With that said, i have been making recordings for 15+ years, some with terrible gear, some with great gear. Some of them were in treated rooms, some of them were in a bedroom or a garage with no treatment.

Can i hear differences? Of course.

Do my recordings made with terrible gear not sound that good compared to the ones i've done with great gear? Yes, but i've also become much more skilled with my technique over the years.

Is it the better gear alone? I'm not so sure...

Do the recordings i've made with no acoustic treatment sound bad compared to the ones i've done in treated rooms? Somewhat. Not drastically.

Bottom line for me is that acoustic treatment is not a be-all-end-all requirement to good sound. And neither is a certain mic preamp or other piece of recording gear.

More than anything else, it's what you do with what you have.